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I’m saddened to report this information.

I was Pm by a member here. Jackson233

telling me to contact
[email protected]

He said this person had the parts i was looking for. (Work meister s1 wheels)

to say there was red flags is an understatement. After 5 days of the most ridiculous excuses why he could not get me pics and kept asking me to send money in a way that’s not protected/The ability to get my money back.

I actually have spoken on the phone with him a few times. He comes across as not having very good English and a bit of a Indian accent. (551) 231-0076

He goes by the name James. And his PayPal email is [email protected]

He says his full name is
Blake James Woodrow

I actually tried to send a couple dollars to his PayPal with goods and services for a test and PayPal would NOT let me send it. Which tells me PayPal probably has a dispute with him. Which is why he’s requesting sending money only through friends and family. Or zelle.

I would advise extreme caution when dealing with any of these emails or phone numbers or names.

also, if someone has had a good experience with any of this contact information please let me know.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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