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wdhitchs wheels

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I started painting wdhitchs wheels here is what i have so far the black will be done tomorrow.

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SWEET!!!! :pimp: :bouncies: :woohoo: :jawdrop:

Now you'll back the 3hp gain you said theses would give me right???
Of course the wheels will be balanced much better after paint. alot less weights will go on them now
Looking forward to seeing that finished product! I bet you're super excited Wdhitch!
Very cool! Looks great! Definitely unique look, most rims I've seen usually painted black with color lip, or solid color (black or panels). Can't wait to see them on the car!

Can't wait to see them on the car!

Neither can I :D :D :D
Neither can I :D :D :D
I third that! Looks good so far. Guess the clear coat should make them shine. :D
Just got to work, after I spoke to you, they are REAL SWEET !!!!!. Very well done. Wish I lived near you to work on other MOD's!!
can't wait to see them on your car when you get it back from the recktions at Smart!!
Good Luck'
Your Pal, p1nball

Totally HOT wheels, Totally HOT...


I'm speechless....
What kind of paint are you using, enamel or laquer, clearcoat? Curious
Well it's set in stone - those turned out just as great as I imagined they would so my wheels on my other Smart are going the body color and black. Body color has already been done by quite a few people but it's what the wife wants so it'll be what she gets - plus it matches the interior perfect.

Wdhitch - I bet you're REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to get those on the car now! I'm envious of that.....G R E E N with envy :p
What kind of paint are you using, enamel or laquer, clearcoat? Curious
Laquer lol we are not in the 70's lol Its basecoat clearcoat
my black vinyl bolt covers would look real nice. their $20 for a set ebay or 18 for the forum or 16 for paid members.


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Can I just return the yellow ones I bought from last week??? :D The plan is to switch to black now... the yellow isn't color matched... not your fault but it wouldn't look good with the new paint.
certainly you can exchange them, be sure to include your address and color wanted, cause i'll forget. :) and yes, wheel to bolt they dont match exact. but fender to bolt they look real good. with the yellow wheels blacks look sharp! its all in the details.
They work well with the silver wheels.
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