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Weathertech Floor Liners (SOLD)

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The lease on my 2016 Smart ED is over so I have a pair of used WeatherTech Floorliners for sale. Both are in very good condition (I left them a bit dirty for the pictures so you'll know they're used). They'll fit a gas 2008 to 2015 Four Two and a 2016 ED. $35 for the pair, plus shipping (runs from about $20 (northeast) to about $45 (west coast).

If you’re near Cape Cod, you can pick ‘em up and save the shipping.



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I don’t think so. I know that they fit a 2008 Passion Cabrio and a 2016 ED.
Unfortunately, FedEx Home Delivery Shipping costs $24.00. The lowest I can go to your Zip Code is $55.00.
What's your best price to ship to zip code 38222?
$55, including shipping. Let me know if you're interested.
The only thing Weathertech states doesn't fit between a coupe and the cabrio, is the trunk liner, and I can't imagine why they would preclude the cabrio. Any ideas from anyone who has both?
The Liners I’m selling are only for the front and were originally used in a 2008 Cabrio and then transferred to a 2016 ED. They fit both perfectly.
I know the back “door” of the Cabrio is somewhat different because it holds the support beams when you go “roofless”.
Other than that, I don’t know what would be different.
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