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Weird electricals?

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Hi. I'm a new member. Radio in wife's Smart for Two Passion 2008 will turn on even if there is no key in the ignition to turn on the "accessory" mode. Is this normal?
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I think it will turn on for a limited period of time... try turning it on after it has sat for a couple of hours.... probably will not.
Radio in mine turns on with the key in my pocket. Doesn't matter how long the car has been OFF I don't think. Will it shut itself off after a period of time? Not sure - never had to find out. It's also interesting that if the radio is ON when you shut the car off, the radio will go OFF, but it will turn ON as soon as you start the car up again. At least that's what happens in my two EV's.

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Yes, normal. The radio will turn on even if the key isn’t in the ignition. Will play for about 30 minutes then shut off. The modern radio, unless it has a complex amp system, doesn’t run the battery down in that short of time. No worry.
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Mine works that way too. Turn the car off, hit the power button on the radio and it'll come on. I've never left it on, so I don't know how long of a timer, if any, there is, but there probably is one.
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