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Well, your all all free to ask specific questions if that will help. "Comic book guy" or "Cliff Clavin" statements will taken as such. :)

3 years isn't very long these days. We have been doing this type of keys from pretty much the beginning of immoiblizers here in the US. Until recently, we had not been approached to make one of these keys. When I realized the need, I developed a solution.

We have similar solutions for many makes. If you search on Ducati forums you will see we have a good reputation for programming those keys. Believe it or not, it is more expensive if you lose the keys to a Ducati than a Fortwo (at the dealer that is). Smart, Saab, Ducati, and a few others require replacing expensive parts when all keys are lost so we figure out how to reprogram the original parts to save money.

I am not a Smart car expert. I am an immobilizer key expert (if I do say so myself). As for incorrect car...It is a Fortwo isn't it? Further, I can program keys for that one too. No where does it say the pictured key fits the pictured car. However, if it will appease the Smart Gods, and someone has a similar picture for a 451 chassis, I will gladly change it. :)

Rest assured, we have the correct keys for your model, further we also have sub keys without remotes that will also work.

I don't know how to put your all of your doubts to rest here. It will probably take time. Thank you all, and we look forward to creating a good working relationship here.
I need you to look at my quote again and make it possible for me to send you my units to be checked out. I contact you a while ago and not I’m trying to get the forms to send with the package. The girl in your office would not mail them to me. Sal Marinosci
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