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We’ve given this a test run and all appears to be fine. 2011 Smart Fortwo Passion, automatic trans.
We bought a tow dolly that has disc brakes. $1600. We do the exact same procedure you would to to flat tow, from the manual. Manual battery disconnect switch.

We’re towing front wheels up. Our mechanic could find no reason why we couldn’t tow this way as long as we followed flat tow procedure and disconnected battery while towing.

We’ve test it over 60 miles and so far no issue. We are using an Acme Ezee Tow dolly and no issues with clearance loading or unloading.

We did have to work on where the strap tie downs best worked on the small tires. Turns out 10, 12 and 3 suggested strap placement left the 3 o’clock strap too loose. The final placement so far is 10:00, 11:30 and 1-ish worked!

Pulled like a dream. Didn’t ever feel it and it was a windy day. View attachment 66585
Do you put the transmission, in neutral? We were following this guy, out of St. Louis. He had all 4 tires to the ground.

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