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Yee Haww, spit, ding, Sheffield Smarties had a Western Pony Trekking Day Yesterday at Lazing Saddles, an outfit just north of Sheffield that does pony trekking but with western saddles.
there were 16 of us that rode split over 2 rides, one for fairly experienced riders and the second for beginners.
One of our more experienced riders had a fall when she was cantering up a stony path that was'nt really suitable for cantering up, and her horse stumbled on a few rocks and she fell off sideways, but all she had was a bruised ego thankfully.
Here is a link to some piccies from the day and a short video I took while on horseback to give you an idea of the British countryside we rode in.
Hope it works.
ps probably should explain about the Xena outfit, one of our members is into Terry Pratchett and she has this costume of one of the characters from a series of his books and she wanted a picture of her in her outfit on horseback, don't worry, we don't all dress like that for a day out.

Western Day pictures by elliskennedy - Photobucket
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