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What is the PRECISE procedure for doing a "drive cycle" for a 450, after the battery dies, to pass a California smog test?

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Been through this now for a couple of years, since California changed its mind and decided that 450 Smarts were not exempt from smog checks. Every single year it starts out with a failed test—I once had to go through several long drives and trips to the smog referee center before it finally gave the required readouts.

There is a VERY SPECIFIC sequence to the "drive cycle" that will reinitialize the onboard computer so that when it is tested for a smog check, the necessary info is available for readout. I've never been sure of what that sequence is.

The image shows the two categories, CAT and HRT, that are still not showing data, despite my first attempt at driving at certain speeds, stopping, and then doing it again to "refresh" the onboard computer.

Does any know, with certainty, what the sequence is? Thank you!
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I had this same issue with a Honda after disconnecting the battery to do some other repairs. In order to get the cat. readiness monitor to set, I had to drive the car at exactly 55 mph for 10 minutes. This was difficult to do, due to traffic conditions on the freeways, but it worked. Not sure if this would help with a 450 smart. I would do a google search or check the Evilution & FQ101 websites. Evilution requires a small subscription fee. Also, a smog technician or the referee should be able to tell you what the procedure is. I have heard that 50 key cycles should also reset the monitors.
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