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What is the widest wheel (w/spacers) you’ve put on your Smart?

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Hello, (photo as an example)

So all of the cars I’ve build have had an aggressive appearance. Since a young boy I’ve loved wide bodies with deep dish rims.

With my smart, I’m really aiming for a micro machine feel, lol.

I’m trying to avoid trial and error by asking the community beforehand what the largest wheel (width) that fits with 4x100 conversion/spacers.

Thanks in advance!
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I bought the 17mm spacers fore and aft. 175\60-15 front vs 155\55-15 and 195\50-15 vs 175\55-15.
Drove through a winter in Sconnie and it handles way better. I drive super aggressive is "$port" mode on the trans with LITTLE disappointment.
The only hang up is the cost... ...blame it on MB!
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Changing to a 4x100 sounds like a gr8 move. Anything shy of using a 6x100... ...then it looks ghetto with 3 lug holes open. Plus with 4 lug bolts, more avenues are open, like other manufacturers.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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