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What is this part????

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I became a SMART car owner on a whim and love it. I have a 2010 451 convertible. It was bought as a fixer to cheer me up when I became unable to ride 4 wheelers. After an engine swap all was great until my roof now has a gap at the windshield when closed. Recently I had two pieces fall out of the roof while closing. They are similar to the pieces in the below picture from a previous post. The roof still operates but seem to not advance as far as it should in the closed position. Any idea what these are and how to fix my problem? My husband is the only mechanic this little car has. I mostly drive this car with the top down but want it to be water tight when parked outside for short periods


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Ditto, nothing showing.
There is an adjusting strap on each side of the top. It is secured by screws towards the rear of the soft top. Maybe it has shrank and is not letting the top close completely. The straps are routed thru a small metal bracket, and held in place by the screws. You can gain access by removing the plastic bit that holds the third brake light, then open the top incrementally, watching for the brackets/screws to come into view. I would start by loosening the straps 1/2 inch at a time on each side, and see if that has any result for your situation.
I know that you can use these straps to tighten up the top, when it becomes loose with age, etc... but have never heard of the reverse. Unless, the previous owner overcompensated for what he thought was a loose top.
sorry about the lengthy post... hope it helps.
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