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hey guys,

I came across this forum a few days ago as I will be getting a 451 soon and will be looking to change the wheels.
I have read ALL the threads regarding wheels on here but still cannot figure out what size 3 to 5 stud adapters to use!

The alloy wheels I want to put on my smart car are these:

The size is 7"x17" ET40.

The whole OFFSET business really confuses me. I need to know what size 3 to 5 stud adapters to use, for example, 20mm front and 30mm rear. The problem is the wheels cannot stick out further than the arches, as this is illegal in England. But I also want them to be JUST INSIDE the arches, not too far inside.
Could you please tell me what the size ADAPTERS front and rear to use???

Also I was planning on using 205/40/17 tires all round, BUT, I was told the maximum on the front is 195 with 7.5" wide wheel. Is this still the case with 7" wide? or can I have 205/40/17 on a 7" wheel on the front???
If not I will do 195/40/17 front and 205/40/17 rear. Do you think this is OK?
The reason for using wider tires is that I want them to stick out FURTHER than the rim of the alloy wheel, so if I catch the kerb, it hits the tire and does not damage the wheel. Unlike there where most people have a nice parking space on their drive, here in the centre of London we have to park on the street, if not 2 blocks away if you come back late!

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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