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What size is the low beam projector unit?

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Hi guys and gals.
I had planned on putting leds in my smart and have decided since I need to clear up the lenses on my headlights I am going to do a led projector retrofit.
Is the projector size 2.5 inches or 3 inches?
I have used 3 inch led projector units on a scooter I have and love them(they are brighter then hid and have a wide beam path plus they are dual beam)
I want to do the same on my smart as I plan on doing a led bulb in the stock high beam spot to use for drl function.

thanks in advance.
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Might ask this company your questions......
Sorry, I guess I didnt understand. Have you though about removing the headlamp lens off the car. Heat up the lens, in the oven. Remove the outer lens. Measure the opening. Then reseal the head lamp again.

You might find a salvage broken on. Measure it. There’s very little space, behind the stock headlamp. Will the led fit in the smart car? It looks like a long fixture.
Well I currently don’t have access to my smart right now(in the shop for engine work) that’s why I was asking.
Since it’s not too hard to remove the headlights I may remove one and see what size the low beam projector unit is.
That way I can order the correct ones for it.
I’m also doing led fog lights(found a pair just need to measure the mounts to make sure they will fit)
There are LED bulbs for the fog lamps. Nothing to modify. Nothing to replace. Except the bulb.
Have you thought about how to switch them on?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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