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Wheel leak through the aluminum

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Looks like the wheel hit a pothole and was bent. Doesn't leak at the bead but through the aluminum itself. Video: Can this be fixed by coating the inside near the leak with a rubber coating?
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I looked up Wheels America because that is where I got my smart wheel repaired at. Seems like the closest one to DC is in Lansdowne, PA. Google says about 130 miles. I was very happy with their Los Angeles (Buena Park) workmanship.
If I can't DIY a fix I'll probably get a used junkyard wheel for $40-50.
If I can't DIY a fix I'll probably get a used junkyard wheel for $40-50.

I’m glad to see pricing has gone down some, before it was a moot point price wise getting a used one or repairing....
I wouldn’t repair. Structure has failed . Used is a good option . I have pothole anxiety every time I take out the Smarts this time of the year . Here in PA , the road crews haven’t gotten into rural road fixing just yet .
My daughter hit a pot hole 5 years ago. I just bought a used take off one, from smartmadness. You can’t fix one yourself. The take off, was the same price, as getting mine fixed.
I have two front original smart wheels with tires mounted in perfect condition as I swapped them for two rears to mount on the front. They have about 3K miles on them. Been stored in an air conditioned room. I will sell both for $150, you pay shipping.
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@atikovi. That sounds like a fair price if they are a match to your wheels.
Supposed to pick one up tomorrow. If that one doesn't pan out I'll consider it.
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