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Wheel/tire sets. Alpha Beta Winter.

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I am hopeful the Amazon Prime Day sale brings a discount to the Genius Darwin Black rims as 17x6 front and 17x7.5 rear will be my size choice shod with 205/40's up front and 225/35 in the rear.

I will use my current Allutec 15 inch wheels 15 x5 front 15x6 rear and get a second set of 15x6 for the front and turn that in to a Beta set with 205/50 15's up front and 215/55 15's in the rear.

My winter set will become my original set up of 15x4.5 15x5.5 with 155/60 15 front and 175/55 17 contiwinter tires .

Alpha's used at car meets track nights and country road trips.

Beta's used as daily driving set up. Spring, summer, fall.

Winter set. For the cold frosty snow season.
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I did a search on Amazon for 225/35/17 tires and nothing came up.
That size is available in Europe, but the shipping is the same price as the tire.

As far as winter tires go, there is a good argument for narrower tires, to get through the slush/snow to the road surface.
165/60/15 on all four corners is my choice for a dedicated winter set, and I also have set up an 'all weather' set (with 3PMSF) 165/60/15 Front, 185/55/15 rear.
All tire fitters will recommend the same size Winter tire on all four corners; I'm leaning toward 'narrower is better' :).

With the manufacturer's discontinuing the 225/35/17 size there really is no need for a rim wider than 7", since 215s seem to be the only readily available width in our 23" diameter wheel size.

Being old school I still have a yearning for wide summer tires, and I do have a set of 225/35/17s stashed away for the time I can get a set of the Brabus wide rear arches for the 450 (the only way these would fit).

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