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Wheel/tire sets. Alpha Beta Winter.

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I am hopeful the Amazon Prime Day sale brings a discount to the Genius Darwin Black rims as 17x6 front and 17x7.5 rear will be my size choice shod with 205/40's up front and 225/35 in the rear.

I will use my current Allutec 15 inch wheels 15 x5 front 15x6 rear and get a second set of 15x6 for the front and turn that in to a Beta set with 205/50 15's up front and 215/55 15's in the rear.

My winter set will become my original set up of 15x4.5 15x5.5 with 155/60 15 front and 175/55 17 contiwinter tires .

Alpha's used at car meets track nights and country road trips.

Beta's used as daily driving set up. Spring, summer, fall.

Winter set. For the cold frosty snow season.
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Question, the 205/50R15 and 215/55R15, is that correct and not a typo? Have you confirmed this works without issue? (Sorry if I missed the thread. Worried for your sake)...

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I got the Costco deal on 4 x 175/65/15 WS90's. I have them on my terrain and the ride is incredible. Total cost was $650 installed then $100 coupon bringing it to $550 Canadian or approx $413 us. Last year the WS90's were rated the best snow/ice tire which is basically what we get in BC wet icy snow.
You're lucky, Costcos around here won't put anything beyond the OE sizes on and are even picky about the proper speed rating.

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