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Hears a bit of a story that you can learn from me when it came to changing out the coolant.

A month ago. My Smart was getting close to the 40K miles part so I figured it was time to get the coolant changed and a few other things like the transmission fluid ect so I took it in to the shop where I usually get it serviced. Vacumed changed the coolant in my smart car and changed out tranmission fluid no issue.

But the drive back home. Oh boy that was a doosy. When we leave, the car felt warmer then usual even in hot air temps when it gets to 100F. We drive back home and the car felt like it has no guts at all. Transmission shifts like it did when I first bought the car but its got no engine power AT ALL. I can accelerate just fine just it took 25 seconds to get up to 50 mph on level ground compared to the 11-12 seconds before.

When we got home, the engine light comes on. I start freaking out"Oh god they screwed my car up". I got a nabor to hook up a car computer to my car to see what is going on. Turns out this stuff was happening.

-Error code: P0327 which is Knock sensor #1 low input.
-Turns out my engine was knocking which is really odd because I used 91 octane plus octane booster plus Marvel oil plus engine cleaner. So yea...also I got this
-engine temps bobbing between 180F-200F which it was never that hot before
-Engine timing advancing between 20o-30o with a rare -5o which after looking it up is that the engine is trying very hard not to knock or ping from somthing being wrong with the coolant system or something else.

So I contacted the shop a few days later and chewed them out for messing my smart up. Well they looked at it and turns out what happened was.

They forgot the reconnect the knock sensors when changing the coolant out! Oh man!

Its so amazing how much of a difference a knock sensor makes for a baby engine like in the smart car.
Now the engine light is gone and she runs happy like this:
Timing advances or goes back between -3o-3o like it should.
Engine temps are 165-170F even on a hot 100F day
She has power and guts until I hit 60MPH like before.

Dont forget to reconnect your knock sensors or your gunna regret it so much!
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