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I recently did a gas motor swap in a 09 smart passion. Motor is the same as the original that was in the car. I hooked up the harness to the engine on the engine stand. After installing the motor and trans I have one electrical plug from the engine harness with no home. It's a 4 wire plug. I also get a p0108 and p0110. Map/iat sensor is plugged in and I swapped it with another but same codes come up. When I clear the codes the p0108 will not clear. I tried to plug the map into the mysterious 4 wire plug but won't fit. Do these cars have a maf? The plug is on the opposite side of the map sensor. I looked at wiring diagrams for all the gas model 451 and this plug doesn't seem to exist. The wire colors are yellow/black, green/black, black, brown/black. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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