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Where in the World is Mr. Incredible?

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As smart center Bloomfield celebrated their anniversary, they took a picture of all the smart owners and their smarts at the party. After we received a copy of the photo... it gave me an idea.

"Where in the World is Mr. Incredible?"

Now find me in the smart center Bloomfield anniversary photo.

Since I enjoy my smart car, I thought it would be fun to get pictures as I travel and get photos with other smart cars and smart centers (or centres).

So here come the pictures...

smart centre Oakville, Ontario, Canada (11/03/2009)
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And here I thought we hadn't heard from you in a while because you forgot your user name
It has been a while and... well... I did forget my user name but now I'm back :)

smart centre Garden Motors (Burlington, ON, Canada)

And look for me in your town!
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And look for me in your town!
Please give us plenty of advance notice.... :p
Found another smart centre to visit.

Mr. Incredible at smart centre St Catharines ON

Say "HI" when Mr. Incredible in your area :)
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Question IS: Where's Mrs Incredible? We see her in your avatar, but no where in the pics. Is she the one behind the camera lens?

Also, Mr Incredible, you really should work on those low self-esteem issues :p
Ok, tell me how THIS is possible. According to Mr Incredible's "stats", he has "0" posts and the last time he was on SCOA was the day he signed up LAST YEAR? :confused:

How does one sign in and post here on SCOA without leaving any record of it in their stats? Mr Incredible, you truly ARE! :D
:confused::confused: what? He has posted, a lot. Started back in 01/08. :)
Get ready for more pictures. I found several more smart centres, in Ontario,and found many smart cars (old style 450s and current style 451s).

This coming Saturday (11/7) and Sunday (11/8), my posse and I will be riding subways, streetcars and buses of Toronto to get SMART pictures.

I would really love to see a pic of a smart on a subway?
Mr. I -

If you come out west, specifically to the Northwest, please give a heads up. I'd like to get your picture with zippy at scp.
More than happy to Suze.

This weekend (11/7) I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But the 1st weekend in January I'll be in Orlando area for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. There is an extremely good chance I'll be driving my smart to Disney. I did it earlier this year I would like to do it again.

If I do... in the planning stages of 'finding' smart centers along the I-75 corridor for photo ops!
:confused::confused: what? He has posted, a lot. Started back in 01/08. :)
This is what I get when I 'click' on his "Statistics":

Does THAT make any sense to you? :confused:
This is what I get when I 'click' on his "Statistics":

Does THAT make any sense to you? :confused:

That's Incredible!
To find a user's post click on "Search", then click on "Advance Search", then type the user's name in the box labeled "Search by User name", then scroll to the bottom and click "Search Now".

In disguise at the smart centre Mississauga (Ontario, Canada).

Where will I be next?
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Thank you for fixing JPaul :)

Did not know that the post count was set to "0".
On my way home from Brampton, Ontario. On the hunt for smart centres and smart cars along the 401. May I can find a few more pictures to take.
Here a picture of the smart centre Downtown (Toronto). hmm... How did I know this?

I had to go to the web and do a search. I got the picture but no signs out front of the name of the dealer (centre).

Had to take a second picture to show they had smarts outside but near the smart dealer sign.

Look out smart centers... Mr. Incredible is coming to your place next!
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I found another smart centre. smart centre Thornhill (Toronto, ON)

Sometimes I like to clown around too! I try to have fun where ever I go.
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