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Where in the World is Mr. Incredible?

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As smart center Bloomfield celebrated their anniversary, they took a picture of all the smart owners and their smarts at the party. After we received a copy of the photo... it gave me an idea.

"Where in the World is Mr. Incredible?"

Now find me in the smart center Bloomfield anniversary photo.

Since I enjoy my smart car, I thought it would be fun to get pictures as I travel and get photos with other smart cars and smart centers (or centres).

So here come the pictures...

smart centre Oakville, Ontario, Canada (11/03/2009)
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Look what I found why driving around in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)!

Mr. Incredible at Rina's Boutique (Thornhill, Ontario).

If you want to see ALL the places (landmarks and people) that I have been. Look for me on FaceBook.
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It's that time. I'm heading to Walt Disney World for thier marathon weekend and I'll be driving my smart car there. While in route... I will be stopping by smart centers along I-75 for picture opportunities. Stay tuned for my pics.

Leaving Sunday (12/27) at 4:00am from Detroit and will be averaging 63 mph until I reach my destination in FL. If you are "along" the way... always looking for more pictures with smart cars and their owners.
Side trip to Wash DC?

If you want to swing by the Wash DC area after the marathon (A little out of the direct path, but interesting sights to see?)

There are 4 dealers you can visit?

Tyson's Corner and Alexandria (VA), Germantown and Annapolis (MD)

I know our staff at Tyson's Corner would be happy to see you, and give your incredible smart a free wash.
On my way down (12/27/09) to Disney World I had to stop for a photo op.

Hopefully I can get some more photo ops while in Florida.
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