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Where to get panels?

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I recently purchased a 2014 smart that was part of the cars2go fleet. I can see on the hood it says cars2go but it's been painted over with what looks like white out hah. Its a little hard to see but definitely there. I want to replace it. Where would be the best place to get one? I see them on ebay and Amazon for about $199. Is that a good price?

I also wonder if the cars2go logo was a sticker and they painted it over or maybe it was some how etched in. It definitely has a texture to it. I'll have to investigate.


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I currently have two 451's, a 2008 coupe and a 2009 cabrio. They are both silver with black tridion. I am wanting to change the panels on both to the 2009 red (rally red I believe) but want to keep my current silver ones. It may be too expensive though to do it. At one time back when the fortwo came to the U.S. it was told that a full set of replacement panels could be had for around $1500. I don't know if that is still true or if it was ever true since I never checked into replacing mine. Or, I could consider just having the ones I have repainted I guess if the price is too high on just purchasing them outright. Also, I think you also have to get new fastners as well? Anyway, any suggestions?
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