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I saw the zombie thread someone resurrected yesterday about mileage, and the recent responses had only one person clocking in over 40,000 miles (wdhitch, moderator, with over 60,000). I figure that anyone driving 20,000 miles a year is pretty dedicated (since it's about 500 per week). As of early Feb 2010, there are only a few of us over 40,000. 30,000 is pretty impressive, too.

Maybe we could make a little calendar of when we hit 10k mileposts. I went over my old posts (and a few others), and came up with some starter data. I'm about to hit 70,000 this Friday, so ...

date.who.(bought when)

02/12/10. unicycle. (05/09/08)

11/07/09. unicycle. (05/09/08)
??/??/09. wdhitch

07/03/09. KingNine.
??/??/09. jthw8
08/13/09. unicycle. (bought 05/09/08)

??/??/09. jthw8
05/21/09. unicycle. (bought 05/09/08)
??/??/10. bum-bling-B. (bought 04/26/08)

01/28/09. jthw8
02/23/09. unicycle. (bought 05/09/08)
03/??/09. okie_boy.
03/??/09. 2micro4u.
06/??/09. earldahl.
??/??/09. a2jack.

2micro4u was way up there, too, with 47,000 as of 7/6/09, just a few thousand behind me.
jthw8 was ahead of me near the 50,000 mark but later commented that I'd passed him.

And of course you can approximate. Add your info, and then print the list again.

There are also some Canadians who have over 100,000 miles on their 450s, and we should include them (maybe in a different color, for clarity).
I've got 110,000 on my 2008 smart for two,no breakdowns!I do all maintenance. The window washer don't work is the only thing wrong. I've bought new front brake pads and rotors but haven't installed them yet.
1241 - 1247 of 1247 Posts