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Why? (smart name)

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Why is it called a Smart car? I have a Smart home, If I leave the a/c-heat adjust then adjust back when I return. Lights come on or off at certain times. I have voice control over the whole house. That's Smart. So why do they call it a Smart car?
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Yes, the smart Car Name and Emblem Possess Hidden Meanings!

The smart brand is owned by Diamler AG, which produces and markets microcars in nearly four dozen countries. While the company is considered relatively young, it began in the 1970s when Mercedes began developing its revolutionary design–with influence from Swiss watch company Swatch in the 1980s. Years later, the first smart model was introduced by Diamler-Benz in 1998, first called the Micro Compact Car (MCC) Smart City Coupe.

Although the smart name seems self-explanatory (as everything these days is “smart”), it’s actually a clever acronym:

S: Swatch
M: Mercedes
ART: Acknowledging the unique design associated with the brand

And yes, it’s intentionally stylized in all lower-case letters. So if there’s meaning behind this company’s name, then it shouldn’t be a surprise the logo represents something too.

PS - and there's an original smart in the Museum of Modern Art in New York......
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It's a smart thing.....:wink:
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