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Will a Smart E-Drive Work with OBD2?

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Has anyone tried using an OBD2 scanner on an Smart E-Drive?

I have a 2017 Smart. If you have tried using a OBD2, let me know if it worked, brand, etc?

Thank you,

Rochester Hills, MI
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I have the Autel MixiCOM MK808 and it connects fine.
It gives a lot of information too. 12v battery levels, high voltage levels, accelerator position, brake vacuum levels etc... But it is just a communicator not the PRO that has Write capabilities.
Any interesting voltage info? Do you keep it connected while driving?
To be honest I don't see much it can do besides read and reset error codes.
I never tried leaving it in the car while driving.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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