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My 2009 Fortwo Cabrio stopped locking correctly a few years ago. About the same time I started having issue opening the rear tailgate. I figured that the tailgate was the reason, but I finally got it fixed a few months ago but I am still nto able to lock the doors.

When I press the lock on the remote it sounds like it is locking and then unlocks. When I press the button on the dash the red light comes on but I do not hear anything locking. I have checked when using the key fob and I can feel all of the doors, full cap and the tailgate feel like they are trying to lock. When i press the lock button the on the remote the lights come on but to not flash like I would expect.

I have looked through lots of threads about issues with locking but none of them seems to be the same as my issue. I have opened the door when the car Is on and I hear the beep that a door is open but I do not hear the beep when the door is closed.

I am not sure what is causing the doors not to lock. I am trying to add Cruise control to the car and it does not like that the car thinks a door is open. Can I get a tool to see what the car thinks if open to keep it from locking?
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