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Windshield for 2011 coupe

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Close to the Washington DC area.
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First, shop around with glass people. I found windshields for less than half price without sacrificing quality or service. Unfortunately, I've had to replace three in my three smarts.

Second, shipping will run A LOT, as will cost of removal and reinstallation ... plus you run the risk of breakage ... then you lose everything!!!

IMHO, far better to get one from a reputable installer who will offer guarantee (I had one break within a few days of installing ... they didn't pick up a stress, and it cracked. They covered it, but likely wouldn't do so with a used unit.

Finally, there are two versions. The one with the rain sensor costs a chunk more ... sometimes triple!!

Cheers, Bob ... and good luck!
I can get a new glass locally for about $130. If someone is parting a car and already has the windshield out, I'd be interested at half that price.
Be careful with used. It is not unusual for windshields to get scratched from the wipers and maybe pitted from just be driven and you may not notice it until you are driving with the sun in your face.

Like others said, I'd just go with a new one. I had a "PGW" brand glass installed in mine and it's been great. Pretty cheap as well (and I have the rain sensor)
Got my last one from Ryan Glass, local company with great service. Took a day to get it, hours to install. The rain sensor gets attached so it will go on any windshield.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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