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windshield wiper problem solved

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Several days ago I was driving in an intermittent rain. I turned my wipers on and they worked perfectlyl. The shower ended and I turned them off. Later, I noticed my rear window was dirty and I hit the squirter. It didn't work. I then turned the wipers on again and they didn't work. Looked in my manual to see what fuse powered the wipers. The book says it's #2.. Checked fuse 2 and it was OK. I figured the next possibility would logically be the switch. After spending considerable time getting to the switch, I sibltituted a known good one from my handy-dandy parts smart. Still no wipers. By now I'm dreading the worst....maybe a wire chewed into by a mouse in some inaccesable place. Went to the computer in search of a wiring diagram.where I discovered that fuse 20 powers "washer pump and wiper stalk "( aka, the switch) Replaced fuse #20 and all is well again. The moral of the story is "if your wipers quit, check both fuses". By the way, I also learned something else useful. We have two sizes of fuses...physical sizes, that is., and they are not interchangeable. I have been carrying a box of spare fuses in the glove box for years....the standard size that most cars use...not knowing that they were too big to use in about half the slots in our fuse box. #20 is the smaller size which happens to be about 25% smaller physically than #2.


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Glad you got the problem solved. That's good information on the fuse sizes. I had no idea that was an issue. Thanks.
Didn't want to pay MB prices for wipers. Took off the stock BY08s and popped the pins. Installed over new RainX wipers... like oooh la la!
Here'$ the after effects of thrift. View attachment 62563
... It that a 453? You mean we might finally have wiper blades we can buy, aside from factory blades, that actually fit?
.that's exactly what they're for! I popped the axle pin with a punch, pounded into new wipers. Put a dab of shoe goo to hold in place... ...yay us! ( back wiper snapped into place no problems!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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