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With winter fast approaching here in the midwest, I have a couple of winter-related questions regarding my 2009 Smart. I've had my Smart for 6 years, and fortunately have never run into any of these situations, but you never know.

Can a Smart car be taken through a conventional car wash, where your wheels fit onto tracks and you're pushed or pulled through the car wash? Secondly, if your battery dies, can it be jumped by another car with a 12 volt battery? And lastly, if a Smart has to be towed, can it just be lifted by the front (or rear) end, or does it need to be moved using a flatbed truck?

Thanks. and here's hoping I never have to use any of your answers.

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FWIW, mine goes through a local car wash on a regular basis with no problems.

It can be jumped using another car's battery but it's a pain to get to the battery under the floor. If your 09 still has the original battery it's time for a change. If not, have it checked anyway before we get really cold weather.

Towing and jump starting are covered in the Owners Manual; if you don't have a hard copy they are available online: :)
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