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What about for the 16” wheels? What size staggered snow tires fit?
Winter Tires; Staggered Sizes; Ugh.

The tire stores all recommend getting all four the same size for a good reason-Winter Traction.
You don't want different rolling diameters that are unavoidable with staggered sizes.

My 2016 Edition #1 came with the 'Sport 8Y' 16" rims.
Stock Conti's were Front 185/50/16 (23.3" Diameter) and Rear 205/45/16 (23.2" Diameter).
They are pretty close - 0.1" difference.

But there are no winter tires available in the front size.

There is one 'All Weather' tire available in the stock sizes though - Vredestin Quadrac 5 from:

Getting back to 'all four the same size' in true Snow Tires on the stock 16" rims (F 6", R 6.5" wide).
There are two sizes that would work on 16" rims - 195/45/16 (22.9" diameter) and 195/50/16 (23.7" diameter).
I'd get four of the 195/45/16 for more wheel well snow clearance :)
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