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My 453 makes it possible to park in 10' parking spots in Brooklyn. No more parking woes. I love it. However, with just 2-4 inches of wet snow on the ground last night, it was a struggle. I needed to find a much larger spot on a side street in order to get over the snow. My rear, nearly new, Conti 185/60's spun and the car rotated in response, nearly causing a low speed collision.

My local tire places scratch their heads when I ask for 165/60 winter tires for the front. What would the likely result be if I put 185/60 R15's winter tires on all around? Would it be bad to only swap the rear tires for winter tires?

Does anyone have experience with temporary tire chains (strap chains) to get in or out of a parking spot on a 453?

Thanks in advance
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