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I have never bothered running winter tires on our 2013 Iceshine because whenever it would snow the smart stayed home and the Jeep Renegade (with 4 winter tires) came out to play. Well, last winter the Renegade hit a deer, and was in the shop for almost a month during January. The smart had to drive in the snow, and didn't do all that well on it's no season rubber.
I decided just in case that i would buy some winter tires if i found a decent deal. I already have a spare set of rims i bought a few years ago, sitting in my shed.
So earlier this week i found what i consider a great deal. Nokiian Hakapalliitta R2 in 165/60/15. I am going to run them at all 4 corners ( i know the front rims are a tad narrow, but it will work.)
I got them from gigatires for a little over $180 shipped for all 4.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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