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The past few days have been quite rainy and it made me realize how much I dislike the wiper settings on the Smart.

1. The rain sensor seems like a great idea, but it in medium light rain it often waits until I have nearly zero visibility before it wipes. I have actually had zero visibility once and fumbled like crazy to get a wipe.
2. I wouldn't mind so much, but in order to get a user enacted single wipe, the washer fluid must be activated. It would be nice to be able to push the stick up or down or in to manual enact a single wipe without having to waste washer fluid. I suppose I could go from the wiper off setting to the wiper sensor setting to get a single wipe, but that is not very convenient and requires more effort / distraction than I would like.
3. The lowest fixed (non-sensor) setting is too frequent for the light rain conditions mentioned above and starts making the dry wipe noise.

Am I missing something or is this design just not my cup of tea?

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That sounds about right if you're in a 451. I find myself having to turn it off so it won't rapid wipe when I'm driving slow and it's not raining hard, or I'm having to alternate between off an auto when it doesn't wipe enough.
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