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Wiper issues 2015 smart fortwo pure hatchback 2dr

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Hello, I have a 2015 smart Fortwo Pure hatchback 2DR.
After starting the car, when I turn the light switch on the wipers go into intermittent mode and stay in that mode as long as the headlights are on.
If I do not turn on the headlights the wipers do not turn on unless I turn them on manually and they work as they should!
When the lights are on I can still change the wipers from intermittent mode to normal or fast mode but they default to intermittent mode and in the off position they still work in intermittent mode!
Also a new issue, when the light switch is on and I put the car in reverse the rear wiper will turn on. But the rear wiper will only turn on when the car is in reverse not in Drive. But the rear wiper can still be operated as normal in drive mode.

I have disconnected the battery and let the car sit but after reconnecting the battery the car still does it.

Thanks for you help!
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It sounds like you might have a bad earth. I have seen this on some other cars mainly with the lights where the rear light might go out or dim down when breaking. It might be worth checking the earth connections down by the battery or try to see if there is an earth cable coming from the wiper motor.
Undo the connection, see if there are any signs of rust if there is give it a clean wire brush/sandpaper.
Hope you get it sorted.
Hello again.
#2 I have checked the ground and there was no rust or green stuff but I did still clean and put dielectric grease on the connection. Thanks for your time
#3 The rear wiper never did that before and would only turn on if you physically turned the wiper on Thanks for your time
#4 Same as #3 Thanks for your time

On another note, I took the cover off the steering wheel and check the connections on both switches. nothing was worn or broken and all switches work as normal

I did notice that, with the car running and you put the wipers in intermediate mode, now the daytime running lights will come on but they go off when the wipers are off or if the wipers are in slow or fast mode.
Also when I disconnected the wipers and turned the headlights on(with the car running) the wipers still went into intermittent mode!

Still fighting the issue but I am starting to think its a computer issue. Anyone???

Well I'm not sure if you need an auto electrician or a priest 😱! It certainly seems to have some gremlins in there!. Hope you get it sorted.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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