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Wiper issues 2015 smart fortwo pure hatchback 2dr

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Hello, I have a 2015 smart Fortwo Pure hatchback 2DR.
After starting the car, when I turn the light switch on the wipers go into intermittent mode and stay in that mode as long as the headlights are on.
If I do not turn on the headlights the wipers do not turn on unless I turn them on manually and they work as they should!
When the lights are on I can still change the wipers from intermittent mode to normal or fast mode but they default to intermittent mode and in the off position they still work in intermittent mode!
Also a new issue, when the light switch is on and I put the car in reverse the rear wiper will turn on. But the rear wiper will only turn on when the car is in reverse not in Drive. But the rear wiper can still be operated as normal in drive mode.

I have disconnected the battery and let the car sit but after reconnecting the battery the car still does it.

Thanks for you help!
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No it does not. It is the basic model, no paddle shifters, nothing special on the car but heated seats! LOL
The heated seats are by far the best "extra" you can have. The paddle shift is bad. The paddles should be fixed to the column otherwise you have to look at it to decide which is up and which is down. Not a problem on a racing car as the wheel doesn't turn far enough so one hand does up and the other does down, not so in a Smart car. They really do not like going into first when you meant third. :)

I don't know what car you ahve but on the 450 (and I think the 451) the controls were analogue so different resistances for different function all down the same wires. This is a really stupid idea because as the vehicle ages and connections get less than perfect the switches change function.

You could try unplugging stuff and re-plugging it back in. I would disconnect the battery first or you will get a bucket load of fault codes.
Squirt switch cleaner in the switches.

If that doesn't work then rip the SAM out and look for crap in there.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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