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I had an unlike friend call from Geico's safety department.

We became close quick because as head of safety, he was a real person.

He asked me to try other body shops in the area. Since he was the only person who seemed to care, I did.

Meanwhile he contacted a person at MBFS who would replace my auto with one call from Geico.

He called me later and said even though I gave him her personal extension she was blocked from the public from communicating to get the totaled car out of my drive.

A gentlemen gave him an excuse in the she can’t dept. He is a great person. He is not one to throw his weight around, I could tell he was brought up in the way he should go by his living parents. That is in the air right now.

Deadline to my dealer is 12:01 am I guess today. Homeland Security will take over and who knows.

Meanwhile my Geico exec called all over the state and found a plain windshield for it in Buffalo, NY and a second time was given a different excuse.

The first being, we don’t like to ship these windshields, no sensors, because they are so fragile.

I said to in-named friendly, how did he get it ? Un-named, people ship billion dollar parts all day, everyday. He knows it’s an electric. Once again he was beginning to see what I’ve gone through for over a year.

It then turned into, the glass in his vehicle is about to shatter in his face, would you reconsider.

Then we had the 100% total questions again. No parts can be bought by the body shop I want it fixed at. The top guy says in the estimate, preliminary, which I had to beg for, the damage is 2450$ including new glass, the entire roof assembly, labor, etc.

Notes: vehicle is not repairable. There are layers of special metals which no one can fix in the area. It is non repairable. He said I’m am really sorry but we have to deny fixing it in our shop even if we could get parts.

If anyone reads what is on the state report, they do not want it in their building much more on a lift where at that time they become liable to report a structurally unsound vehicle.

In addition the head body guy told me the price it does not include the cost for MB to recalibrate and recertify the vehicle for road use. 320 mile round trip.

I have had emails and calls from every department yesterday and today who is not responsible for what looks like we have nothing to do with the 2018 Smart ED.

The question is, could it be a counterfeit. No one built it, put it on a boat, put it in Bergen, NJ, sold it to me at a dealership in NYC, It is neither leased or real property. If any or all of these are true, a Small Claims court judge would have to ask Adam Chamberlin if indeed this car is a figment of my imagination. Sir, in your opinion, does there exist a vehicle with such and such and so and so and so VIN number ?
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