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One last request to RSVP, the last stop on the run is a pizza parlor / ice cream shop that is opening early for us. The better RSVPs I get, the better they can staff for us. Come even if you can RSVP but please RSVP if possible. BTW, we are not THAT far from Illinois, Ohio, and southern Michigan would love to have some of you guys join us. We need to earn at least $1000.00

What is it?​
It will be called the “smart cards” but it is really a poker run for those of you with bikes.
It is an opportunity for smart owners to do something fun together, enjoy each other,
enjoy their cars, and help the Clinton County Boys and Girls Club 1100 West Green
Street Frankfort, Indiana as part of a fundraiser​
What do we do?​
We will meet at the Clinton County Boys and Girls Club at 11am and then go on (The
first ever that I know of) smart poker run. It will depart at 1pm
The Clinton County Boys and Girls Club will host a chili lunch as part of the fundraiser
from 11 until first car out.
We will drive our cars down a scenic, planned, marked, and mapped route it is about 100
miles total basically as a group.
We will pull our first card at the Clinton County Boys and Girls Club, stop at 3 scenic
places along the route and pull cards, then finally we will stop at The Burlington Scoop
(ice cream / pizza parlor in Burlington) to pull our 5​
th and final card of the poker run.
Then determine the winner of the best hand. Winner will get some money ($25.00 or so).
This money can be donated back to the Boys and Girls Club if you choose

What will be the highlights?​
1. A drive down the smooth and curvy Mulberry – Jefferson blacktop
2. A drive up the very scenic south river road between Georgetown and Logansport.
The trees are so old and so big that they grow over the road
3. Drive across the covered bridge just outside of Cutler
4. See Adams Mill a very cool turn of the century corn mill that is a now a museum
5. Drive down a curvy scenic path between Cutler and Burlington
6. Try ice cream or dinner at Scoops
7. So many smart cars together
8. So many smart owners doing something good for a worthy cause (Boys and Girls
9. Start a smart trend
10. Maybe some prizes (we are working on it)
11. Photo ops, photo ops​
What is the cost?​
1. Smart cards drive (poker run) will be $10.00 per person playing (remember ALL
money goes to the Boys and Girls Club
2. Boys and Girls Club lunch (has not been decided yet but maybe around $5.00)
(remember ALL money goes to the Boys and Girls Club)
3. Ice cream or pizza at Scoops your on your own – I am trying to get them to donate
a portion of the profits (like 10%) to the Boys and Girls Club as well, we are still
in negotiations​
When is it?​
November the 9​

Dean / Missy Hill – BUMBLE FLEA​
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