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I was PM'd a queston. I'll answer it here.

I was PM'd a question about running 195/55/15s on 15" by 5.5" wheels on the front of my 451:
any problems rubbing when hitting bumps/dips?
Short answer: No. 95% of the time I'm not braking hard enough to cause rubbing. Running 195s is really best for city driving.

Using an online tire size calculator:
155/55/15 has a diameter of 21.7", width of 6.1", sidewall height of 3.4"
195/55/15 has a diameter of 23.4", width of 7.7", sidewall height of 4.2"

- avoid braking hard during a turn (like onto a side street). Every control system in the car will freak out, rubbing will occur, and the ABS will kick in and likely force you to drift out of your lane (into the other lane or off the road). Do the hard braking in a straight line, then turn.
- If you live in the snow belt or where there is heavy rains then having a tire that fills the wheel well is not ideal. The tread needs to be able to shed water and snow. A tighter wheel well can increase hydroplaning.

Know your vehicle and how it performs and handles. Know the condition and speed of the roads that you drive on. Know what can happen when you make modifications outside of spec. Doing so may not be appropriate for everyone.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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