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WTB Daystar Lift Kit

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Looking to buy a Daystar Lift Kit PN ks09101bk.
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Smark, Thanks for the recommendation. The ebay listing is out of stock, and the price on Daystars website is more than I want to spend. I figure there has to be someone on the forum who's purchased one, and never got around to installing it before selling their car. I recently purchased a 2009 Pure as our campground golf cart, and thought I would toughen up its look with a lift kit, and bigger tires. I'm going for the look of the blue car in your post. The first reply I received doesn't look promising. It's not a "need" so I'm willing to wait to see what comes along. From your join date, and number of postings I see you're an old timer on this forum. In searching the forum I find most postings to be a few years old or more, with not a lot of new activity. How many members would you guess are currently active?
Thanks again,
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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