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WTB strut clamp for front spring install.

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Hi guys. I got some SmartMadness lowering springs in last week. I have a 2009 Smart ForTwo Brabus. The rears springs were extremely easy to do. Took me about an hour with distractions.

The front springs are 10x more difficult. I need to source the clamp for the strut that allows you to lock the strut in place with a wrench. And then I can just turn the 21mm on top of the strut.

Can they only be sourced at the dealer? Does anyone have one that I can buy?

Pic for reference.

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I’ve tried those fancy shaft clams and vice grips with zero success. If you are replacing the strut, take a grinder and form two indents opposite each other. Grind each side a little at a time, checking the size using the jaws of a box-end wrench. Cut the grooves just wide enough to get the jaws to fit, the tighter the better. Once the box-end wrench fits, you should have plenty of torque to get that stubborn nut off.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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