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What are any "downsides" to using an Autoflash and do you have any in stock? (2013 Passion)


So there are a few things we need to go over here.

First, you can not buy a 'used' Autoflash. Once an Autoflash has been plugged into a vehicle it is married to that VIN and will not operate in a different vehicle. It is a one-vehicle purchase. For that same reason, we can not offer any returns on it.

Second, The Autoflash remaps the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) not the ECU. By doing that we can change shift points, increase shift speed, and bypass torque limiters. It will not remove a RPM limit.

Third, The GOPedal does not interact with the TCU in any way. It does not change any software, it does not change shift behavior. It does remap throttle input seen by the ECU by sandwiching between the pedal and the ECU.

A GOPedal will make you get off the line faster and an Autoflash will keep that momentum climbing through a more aggressive and faster TCU operation.

None of these products add any power to your smart. They just change how the power is delivered and it makes a huge difference.
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