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<p>If you are in the market for a hybrid car and you are interested in getting in on the tax-breaks that the purchase would allow, <a href="">these numbers</a> should be of interest to you. Toyota has long surpassed the magic 60,000 vehicle limit, and Honda says that they should eclipse that number in the third quarter of this year. That means that the full credit will end after this year is over and will quickly dwindle from there.</p>
<p>Of course, the tax break might not be the only reason that you are looking for a hybrid car. The savings in gas will indeed add up, but the savings might not pay for themselves in the long run. That is why the tax-breaks were instituted in the first place. Why is there a limit on how many a manufacturer can sell? Are the environmental benefits over after a certain number are on the road? Of course, if your goal is simply to use the smallest amount of gasoline possible, you might not even care. For the rest of you, keep your eyes on the sales figures.</p>
<li><span id="ppt677611"><a href="">Where federal rebates for Toyota and Lexus hybrids stand as of Oct. 1</a></span></li>
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