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First: Which cruise control module are you looking at? I assume the MDC controller, as I don't think Area451 are even available any more. I don't think would work well for this in any case.

The MDC connects directly into the stalk to get the controls it needs, reading the resistance across the connector wires to figure out what "button" has been activated. The stalk/unit uses three button-like mechanisms (ring-up, ring-down, cap press) as it's only input (minus the setting switch on the board).

There is a 451 variant of the wheel cover for cruise, as shipped on the early 451 ED, models that has four buttons, which may be better suited for an existing 451. That would be just a face-plate change, vs replacing the whole wheel.

The larger problem is getting the lines from the buttons to the MDC. The stalk has the advantage of being part of the column, and thus not moving. This allows the single line that comes up to connect to it and the head unit (to read the can bus signals to it). To get the lines from the wheel, you'd have to put it through the rotational ring, and I'm pretty sure the 451 doesn't have enough lines free to do that. That was part of why they didn't offer cruise in those models, since the lines were in use for the paddles and airbag, a then-new feature in the US only.

Even if you got a newer 451 face plate, and were good with electronics, it would still be hard to pull off. You'd have to patch the controls through the ring, then re-map the buttons to match the proper resistances the MDC expects to see from the stalk. And you'd lose the paddle functions. You may be able to pull it off as a custom job, but that's going to be a lot of work to put into a 451.

I was one of the first US folks to get/install an MDC on a 451, and can tell you using the stalk is pretty simple, and looks close to stock. In fact, I'd bet you could get a 451 stalk from a "current" ED model that would be far closer color wise than the one I had to use (from the roadster, only one available at the time). I'm pretty certain those would be cross-compatible, though the markings on the stalk wouldn't match their function.

Edit: Just seeing you said 2014 smart. Since 2013 onward supported cruise, it MAY be as simple as getting a dealer to replace the wheel with a cruise version and enable the feature via TAN code. The option for 2013 onward was you could have either paddles or cruise buttons, but not both.
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